You can read about the life you want. You can talk about the life you want.
You can watch someone else have the life you want.

But what does it take to actually live the life you want?


Trying something new. Feeling something different. Exploring the world with all of your senses fully engaged. In your relationships, your community, your family. At your job. With your friends. In the bedroom.

That’s where Living In Passion comes in.

We offer experiential programs and coaching for individuals, couples and groups. Instead of simply disseminating information, we’ve designed our offerings to reveal your deepest desires, and show you how to begin living them…today.

Think about it…

You can read about how to play tennis all day long. You can interview Serena Williams. But until you put a racket in your hand and step out onto the court, you aren’t any closer to being able to actually play the game.

It’s the same with life. You have to be in the game.

Take a few minutes to check out the page of Experiences we offer. Read the Blog. Or consider what a Personalized Coaching Program could do for you.

Or maybe just drop a line, say hello, and let us know what brought you to this site, and what you’re looking for, and we can start a conversation about how you can get it.

Every journey starts with one step. Contact Living In Passion today…and take yours.


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