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Three Easy Ways For Significant Connections

 Would you believe me, if I told you how incredibly easy it is to bring people closer to you?


Despite our best efforts to be interesting and charming, we’re often spending too much energy over-thinking our communications …

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Creating The Sex Lives We Want

Creating the sex lives we want is really no different then creating any other part of our lives.  It might though take on a different quality because of the beliefs and experiences we’ve acquired when it comes to intimacy, sex, love and desire. We need to drive our awareness below the surface of those beliefs …

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How’s Your Sex Life?


Not the usual question we are used to being asked, but yet so refreshingly honest. When I ask people that question at first there is a pause. Then a sigh of relief…someone is actually interested, and cares enough to ask.



Sex is many things, and no two …

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Getting Off …

The one absolute truth I’ve learned in the 12 years of researching sexuality and relationships is that everyone’s “get off “ looks different.  And, even our own “get off” looks different then we think it should.

A friend recently admitted that she was about 5 min from a throw down. She was just waiting for the …

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Being The Lover You Want

At a recent service at my spiritual community Romemu, I had the opportunity to hear a woman recite a poem describing the lover she’ll be – and the love she’ll share – with her yet-to-be revealed lover.  She was reading her love manifesto, declaring to the world how she will be in love, whenever it …

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