Stop Dating, Start Relating

Are you good at dating but not so good at relationship?  Does intimacy become scarier for as you find yourself getting closer to another person?   Do you find yourself in a panic when you want more and don’t know how to ask? When we stop dating and start relating, we find we need a different set of skills and awareness.  This evening course will show you how to open up, express yourself when in relationship, and discover who you are when in a more intimate connection with another.  (Perfect for singles or couples)

Relationship Coaching For Prosperity

A 12-week intensive program for couples who are done struggling and fighting over the small stuff and are ready to get down to the business of creating abundance, knowing your purpose as both individuals and as a couple, and having the freedom to enjoy it all. (For committed couples)

The Marriage Course

This course under construction. Please visit again for more information.


When you’re ready to expand into new levels of experience that will push you past your current edges – while staying vulnerable, awake and aware – this is the course for you. We’ll explore role playing, writing erotica, bondage, fantasies, and new ways to seduce, play, and connect with others. Bring your desires, your curiosity and your open mind…and enjoy the ride.