What is Sensuality Life Coaching?

Somewhere along the way, you were probably told your desires were wrong. Most of us were. Maybe not outright, but in subtle ways.

You were taught to hide your feelings. You started to believe that your vulnerability was a weakness, rather than your greatest source of power.

Maybe you were shamed into believing your sensuality was only appropriate for the bedroom, that sex was dirty. Or maybe, that it was all you were good for. Something to use to feel strong, powerful, desired. Or to get love.

Perhaps you were even told that the wealth and abundance you desired was out of reach, earmarked for other people…not possible for you.

The problem is…some part of you, however small, still believes it.

Of course, your rational mind knows these beliefs aren’t true. You’ve read the books, you  know the secret, maybe you’ve even repeated the mantra’s every day. Still, these limiting beliefs have a way of seeping into every single area of your life. Your work. Your relationships. Your health. Conspiring to block your access to your desires.

Sensuality Life Coaching is desire-based style of coaching used in the Living In Passion personalized coaching program. It starts with the idea that you are whole and complete. Helps you explore stored information about your own desires and passions that can inform every area of your life. And supports you to establish a new, more mature relationship with your desires.

You begin to name them, claim them, and take on the exciting journey of creating the life you have always wanted. Not someday, down the road. Not when you are “fixed” or “transformed.” But right now…today.

In a world where we often experience so much separation, Sensuality Life Coaching integrates. The “you” at work, the “you” at home, the “you” who goes to parties, or to your family’s house on the holidays, or to the corner store for milk…are all the same “you.” When you pull all these “selves” together, you’ll find your entire life comes into sharper focus, is infused with meaning, and feels more satisfying and complete.


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