Finally…a no-nonsense coaching program that isn’t trying to fix you…

Here’s the truth that would put the entire coaching industry out of business:

You already have everything you need.

You were born with an enormous dose of passion, playfulness, and intelligence, just waiting to be put into action.

That’s right: action.

If your life sometimes feels like you have a Porche sitting in the driveway – but you can’t find the key to turn over the engine – then Living in Passion’s client-directed coaching program might be for you. It allows you to start exactly where you are…with whatever area of your life you want…and fuel it with more passion, confidence, and play.

What is it for you? Would you like to…

  • Enjoy deeper relationships
  • Establish a more satisfying career
  • Have better sex
  • Play more
  • Earn more money
  • Experience more intimacy
  • Communicate with confidence


Start wherever you’d like, open any door, choose any path — it’s up to you. The program follows your lead, and goes with you wherever you want to be supported, challenged, and motivated. Until you uncover your lost passions and integrate them into your everyday life.

You begin by identifying your desires. What do you really want? How do you want it? Who would you like to share it with? The key is in the ignition…

Then, you practice sharing your desires openly with the important people in your life. The key turns…

Soon, you find yourself gaining more confidence with the intimacy of sharing, feeling more at ease with the vulnerability of asking for what you want. And you find the fun that comes with being more relaxed and free about who you are, and who you want to be in the world.

Before you know it, the engine has not only turned over, but the car is in gear, and you’re off…

When you join the Living In Passion personalized coaching program, you’ll discover that the key to unlock your passion and potential, the power to become the leader of your life, and the fuel to live in your full potential – was inside you all along.

And you’ll never, ever, misplace it again.


What is Sensuality Life Coaching?