Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sensuality Life Coaching. If you don’t find an answer to your question, click here to ask it yourself using our confidential contact form.

Do I need to have a partner to start Sensuality Life Coaching?

No definitely not. Your sensuality begins with you and your desires. Exploring and creating your sensual life is not dependent on another person, though it can be shared with anyone. And it is expressed in every part of your life. In coaching, you explore every area of your life…your relationships to family, love, career & beyond.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

While both therapy and coaching provide a safe space to express yourself and to feel, that’s where the similarity ends. In therapy, the work begins by looking at what’s wrong and how to address the problems in your life. In Sensuality Life Coaching, my primary interest is in looking at your desires and how to create the life you want. Nothing is avoided or pushed away, but rather we look at how you can use what comes up for you as a way to get more connected…to yourself, your desires and the people in your life. Rather than spending time discussing what’s not working, we clear a path to expressing and creating the life you want.

Why would I go to a Sensuality Life Coach to discuss my career?

The essence of SLC is to be connected to your passion, your desires and the life you want to create with the people in it. It is about our relationship to everything and how it feels to interact with every aspect of our lives. So I often help people get clear on what their passion is and what they want to create in their careers. I find it is a natural offshoot of how they are expressing their passion and desires in their intimate lives, as well. Once we are turned on in one aspect of our lives, it organically follows in other realms of life…until we find ourselves turned on wherever we go. From the bedroom to the boardroom, as the saying goes.

Is this sex therapy?

Therapy refers to the remediation of a problem. In the case of sex therapy, the problem is with sex in particular. In SLC sex is never considered a problem. It is simply about getting to know more about how you relate to your sex and your body, become more acquainted with your sexual desires, and explore how you can most fully express them. In Sensuality Life Coaching there is never a problem, only more to be aware of and more to have.

How long do you usually work with someone?

It depends. I suggest that clients commit to working together for at least 3 months. From there, we decide together whether they want to continue further, or explore in new ways. I have worked with some clients for years, as we expand beyond the realm of what they initially came in to address. Often, clients discover an entirely new lifestyle that impacts their sex, family, creativity, business, life purpose & relationship to their community.

What if I don’t know what I want?

Many people start with not knowing what they want. That can be as much a part of the discovery in coaching as knowing what you want. I often work with clients to uncover the desires they have long given up on, and the ones they never knew they had inside of them. Not knowing is one of the greatest places to begin, because this provides a blank canvas from which we can create and have anything.

Is this confidential?

Sessions are completely confidential. Nothing you say will leave the room, though you might be encouraged to share the things you may be keeping hidden or locked up inside with more people in your life, it would never be done for you.

How do you work with couples?

My work with couples is not so different than the work I do with individuals. We spend time focusing on the feelings and desires that are real for each partner. A listening and strategy is created to begin seeing each other clearly and communicate more effectively. Coaching creates a space where the two can practice being fully self-expressed and seen by the other. From there, the journey to establishing a rich, satisfying relationship begins.