Living In Passion offers a wide range of introductory events, courses, and retreats. Each one offers a place for you to practice new skills, take risks, share yourself, get to know others, and explore your desires with a community of people who share your commitment to living the fullest, most passionate life possible.

Along the way, we have a lot of fun.

You can start by coming to an Introductory Evening event — take a few hours on a weeknight to try something new. Maybe you want to be a better flirt. Or have more interesting conversations with people. Or explore some new ideas about relationship, intimacy, career, money, friendship — there’s no such thing as an off-limit topic at a Living In Passion event. Block off a few hours, bring your curiosity and open mind, and check one out today.

The fastest way to find your passion is to have new experiences in a safe space.

Courses can be anywhere from a half-day, full day, or weekly for several months, depending on the curriculum. Together, we explore the areas that bring the most freedom and passion to our lives. Having a solid relationship that brings you both love and prosperity. Experiencing the intimacy and challenge of marriage before you say ‘I do’ — or even find a partner. Become acquainted with your desires, and learn how to have more of them in your daily life. Living In Passion courses are designed to wake you up to a life that you create — and give you the experiences you need to handle everything that comes your way with curiosity, skill and playfulness.

Live a life that inspires people to say, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Passion is infectious. When you come back from a Living In Passion Retreat, you’ll be greeted with the curiosity of all your friends who stayed home. They’ll want that glow you came back with. They’ll ask what you’re up to — why are things coming so easily to you now? How did you score that hot date, get that promotion at work, launch that business you’ve been talking about for years, but never could get off the ground?

You may even surprise yourself and want to go further, and take a Leadership Training Course, so you can share the tools of Living In Passion with your friends and community.

Events happen regularly in New York City, and the surrounding area. If you don’t see a Living In Passion event on your area — and you want one — contact us to find out how you can sponsor an Introductory Event, Course or Retreat in your community.