Being The Lover You Want


At a recent service at my spiritual community Romemu, I had the opportunity to hear a woman recite a poem describing the lover she’ll be – and the love she’ll share – with her yet-to-be revealed lover.  She was reading her love manifesto, declaring to the world how she will be in love, whenever it comes, whoever it is with. She wasn’t waiting for the right person or the perfect circumstance to start loving. She was starting right now.

I was so taken by her passion. And that she wasn’t waiting or holding that passion back until she found her lover. Instead she was allowing herself to feel and express it fully, with her community.

For just a moment I got to know what it would be like to be loved by her, and how good it would feel if that poem were directed at me. I’m sure anyone within ear-shot would feel lucky to become that mystery person. I could almost hear a palpable “Please pick me” ripple through the room.

So often, we hold back from what we truly desire most. Often times it’s because we’ve spent more time wanting then having, so we don’t yet know how to be the person that has had that desire met. Well, what if we chose to not wait? What if we started being the person that already has what we want?

What if we were to be the lover that we would want to be with?  What if we were to be the person who has everyone else in the room silently thinking…  “Please pick me?

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