Introductory Evenings


Imagine a place where being yourself is all that matters, and a shared desire for connection is the norm, not the exception. Stimulus is that place and more. An evening of communication games that will give you the tools to have more fun and ease when relating, sharing and meeting others. (All are welcome)

How Is Your Sex Life?

Is it possible to talk about something so personal and intimate with the same tone and tenor that we’d ask: How’s work? How’s the family? Or…would you like fries with that? Join this straightforward conversation about sex, and see how rich, tender and revealing the topic can be when discussed openly and shared without judgment, hype or shame. (All are welcome)

The Male Dynamic:
A Discussion about Sex for Men by Men 

Conditioned by society to be the stronger of the two sexes, identified by the media as violent and oppressive, criticized for only thinking with what’s between our legs (and written off as not being manly enough when we don’t)…welcome to the male dynamic. But is this who we really are? And how do these assumptions play out in our lives, in our relationships, in our beds? Join this conversation and take a chance to peek behind the curtain of what is expected to find out what is possible…and most important, what really is and isn’t true for you. (For men only)