“Sam is a skilled and talented coach. His work is challenging, life affirming, and never dull!”
– B. Pincus

“[Working with Sam] was a perfect pre-wedding gift to give ourselves… it added spice to our sexual connection and paved the way towards greater intimacy.”
– A. Holt

“Sam offers clarity in places where murkiness prevails and creates space for communication, connection, authenticity, and vulnerability to exist.”
– G. Viera

“Sam has encouraged, pushed, prodded and challenged me to explore aspects of my personality and life, and to step over boundaries I would never have dared to cross before.”
– G. Lee

“Sam has been instrumental in helping me extract myself from relationships that weren’t working and focus on goals, in both personal and professional settings.”
– L. Moore

“After the Leadership, Intimacy and Community Retreat, I am taking down the wall I put up between me and other people (especially men), and letting them see my beauty and love…and I am seeing it in them, too. Men are so lovely after all!
– L. Carson

At my friend’s going away party I was asked me the usual question – “So how do you earn a living?” I answered with the same words that I used before (ok half the number of words) But my tone and body language were different.  I felt the ease, the rootedness and the authenticity that I had been searching for come through!   It wasn’t the words but something deeper, a belief in myself and this work that I now own.  Thank you for the pushing, patience, guidance, humor, compassion and space you’ve given me over the year and a half working together. .
– B.Cohen