How’s Your Sex Life?



Not the usual question we are used to being asked, but yet so refreshingly honest. When I ask people that question at first there is a pause. Then a sigh of relief…someone is actually interested, and cares enough to ask.



Sex is many things, and no two people have the same relationship with their sex. Which why the question “How’s your sex life?” is such a fascinating one. The simplicity and curious nature of the question fools us at first. How is it possible to talk about something so personal and intimate with the same tone and tenor that we’d ask: How’s work,  how’s the family or…would you like fries with that?

Unfortunately in our media-hyped society, sex keeps getting more sensationalized, spiritualized, scandalized, instructionalized…but yet less personalized.  It often feels like our sex is going through a societal food processor. So sliced and diced that it becomes nearly impossible to recognize each other’s humanness. To have an honest open conversation about our sex that unites us, rather than focusing on the lifestyle choices that keep us separate.

I’m all for people having the lives they want, and for celebrating diversity and individuality. But, I also think there is a commonality among us that gets overlooked so that we can stake a claim to our identities. When our sex is discussed and shared in openness, it brings about a different type of healing that happens while being seen, heard and felt by the “other” and not only amongst “our own”.

Let’s start allowing ourselves to have this conversation as an act of caring about each other.  Challenge yourself this week to ask the question, “How’s Your Sex Life?” to someone you love and care for no other reason than because you love and care about them.

And join myself and my guest, Monica Day of The Sensual Life, in the conversation “How’s Your Sex Life?” on November 1st (details on the Calendar). Let’s take the media out of our sex lives and bring each other back in.

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  1. Your post has lifted the level of debate


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